Yves Saint Laurent Opium Vapeurs de Parfum (2012): A Sfumato Version of Opium {New Fragrance}

opium_vapeurs_parfum_Ysl.jpgYves Saint Laurent will launch a new eau de toilette légère flanker to Opium from April 16, 2012 called Opium Vapeurs de Parfum. The brand describes the new composition as being a textural rendering of the "sfumato" technique of painting. It becomes, scent-wise, a "caress, a delicate and luminous aura,"...

The composition reportedly balances out a main contrast established between white florals and resins. According to the description of the notes, a number of natural essences and absolutes have been used.

Top notes: mandarin, pink peppercorn essences

Heart notes: orange blossom absolute and sambac jasmine absolute

Base notes: incense, nutmeg essence, amber, languid woods, vanilla.

The bottle is peachy colored and made of frosted glass to reinforce the sensuality of the experience of wearing the perfume.

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