Carita Eau de Parfum Shows Powdery Florals are Still Exciting (2012) {New Fragrance}

carita_edp_visual.jpgBeauty brand Carita, like Monteil Paris, are launching a perfume this year. The tag line is "Essence of Haute Beauté." Carita Eau de Parfum was composed by perfumer Alberto Morillas of Firmenich. The nose said that,

"It is above all a soft and warm veil, a caress for the skin similar to silk. I had the idea of using white musks which I love so much, with ideas of flowers and powderiness to evoke femininity and sophistication. Finally, I wanted to work with woods and some modern accents in order to anchor the fragrance in the 21st century,*"...

While powdery florals usually offer a quaint retro charm, they have become more Zeitgeist-y in the last two years. Love, Chloé marked the mainstream return to this genre.

Carita EDP opens on top notes of bergamot, rosebud and Paradisone, the latter chosen for its airy tonalities and for its capacity to create "a white, modern and abstract floral whisper."

"The heart is based on four iconic and timeless flowers. The infusion of rose, delicate and subtle, leaving a memory of tender petals in the morning dew. The caressing voluptuousness of violet evokes memories of rice powder.  It echoes the almond and downy accents of heliotrope and the silky and refined feel of iris, hovering on the cusp between flower and wood."

 "The floral tones give way to a dense and voluptuous trail. We are swept away by the softness of vanilla, the heat of amber, before finally succumbing to the ultimate sensuality of musk."

The flacon is inspired by the iconic beauty product of the brand, Fluide de Beauté 14. The image on the bottle is a replica of the Carita institute door at 11, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

75€ and 100€ for 50 ml and 100 ml.

Via Condenast;

*"Es, ante todo, un velo cálido y suave, una caricia en la piel similar a la seda. Se me ocurrió utilizar los almizcles blancos que tanto me gustan con ideas florales y empolvadas que evocan sofisticación y feminidad. Por último, quise trabajar con las maderas y acentos modernos para anclar la fragancia en el siglo XXI",

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