Courrèges is Back with 3 Perfumes (2012) {New Fragrances}


Courrèges is back on the perfume scene this spring with three new launches which will take place in April of 2012. One is new, Blanc de Courrèges and two are relaunches: Empreinte and Eau de Courrèges....

About Blanc de Courrèges, we learn that "it’s a very pretty perfume with a base note of iris,” and that “It’s an incredibly modern perfume which has scored through the roof with all the test groups, so we have high expectations for it,” [WWD]

Empreinte was originally introduced in 1970 and Eau de Courrèges in 1977. They are still easy to remember for their conspicuously MOD flacons.

Picture shows Mariella Agnelli wearing a Courrèges dress, which for a change, reveals you don't have to jump around and look quirky and ready to fly to the moon to carry the futuristic style of the designer. Catherine Deneuve too made it look more classic. We think the juices themselves are less quirky, if memory serves, than the outer designs of the bottles.

Via WWD;

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