Roget et Gallet Eau des Bienfaits (2012) {New Fragrance} {Beauty & Olfaction}


Roget et Gallet are turning towards the tradition of wellness perfumes more clearly in the year of their 150th anniversary with the new unisex fragrance Eau des Bienfaits. The scent was created by perfumer Mathieu Nardin of Robertet.

Sold in the pharmacy circuit, known for their roborative eau de cologne de Jean-Marie Farina, and having lately come up with a face oil scented with Bois d'Orange, it all feels like a logical evolution for the house....

Eau des Bienfaits is both a perfume and a body mist with skin moisturizing properties. The formula is reportedly lightweight and non-sticky. It contains aloe vera (hydrating), Kiwi extract (promotes skin suppleness), Ginseng extract (a tonic), and acids from agrumes (exfoliating).

The perfume opens on top notes of blood orange, mandarin, bergamot and lemon. The heart features violet leaves and orange blossom. The base notes are woody with cedar wood and patchouli.

The classic in the field of modern perfumed wellness waters would be Eau Dynamisante by Clarins (1987).

This launch just comes after the Rouleau de L'Empereur special, updated re-edition.

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