Roget et Gallet Relaunch the Rouleau de l'Empereur to Fete 150th Anniversary {Fragrance News} {New Flacon}

Roger_Gallet_rouleau_empereur.jpgTo celebrate their 150th anniversary Roget et Gallet Est. 1862 are introducing in January of 2012 a "design interpretation" of the famous historical flacon called the "Rouleau de l'Empereur". The term designates the custom-made bottle of Eau de Cologne that Jean-Marie Farina made for Napoleon Bonapartewho requested it in order to carry it with him while campaigning, slipping it into his boots. Eau de Cologne Jean-Marie Farina, and two more Eau Fraîche Parfumée Bois d'Orange and Eau Fraîche Parfumée Fleur d'Osmanthus, are now bottled in so-called "flacons-rouleaux,"....


rouleau-de-lempereur-blog-beautecc81-homme-the-new-men-in-the-city.jpgEau de Cologne Jean-Marie Farina "is faithful to the original recipe," which includes notes of lemon balm, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, angelica, lemon, neroli. The brand recommends to use it in friction rather than with a dab-on perfuming gesture.

Eau Fraîche Parfumée Bois d'Orange is also seen as a tonic eau to be shared, resting on both orange blossom and orange tree wood.

Eau Fraîche Parfumée Fleur d'Osmanthus is a blend of "very sunny neroli", osmanthus blossom, a hint of zesty orange in the top notes and tonka bean, sandalwood and benzoin in the "subtly woody" base notes.

They are part of an ephemeral collection.

Price: 42€ for 100ml.

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