Thierry Mugler Womanity Eau pour Elles (2012) {New Fragrance}

Womanity_Eau_pour_Elles_ad.jpgThierry Mugler will launch a new "fruity interpretation" of Womanity with Womanity Eau pour Elles, a "luminous and sparkling eau de toilette version" of the original. The jus is also said to be aiming for more playfulness.

Continuing to expound on Mugler's intuition about a special feminine bonding relationship expressed in the plural, the house stresses that,

"Womanity Eau pour Elles is the newest expression of the bond that unites women, symbolic of a free-spirited, confident femininity, nourished by the community."....

The fragrance was composed by perfumers Christine Nagel and Serge Majoulier for Mane, the original company which developed Womanity.

The infamous sweet-savory fig-and-caviar accord has now been enriched with a molecular extraction of strawberry, and more specifically, Mara des Bois, in order to reproduce the sensation of the olfactory explosion of its pungency. 

Three main accords / ideas shape the fragrance, rather than a classic olfactory pyramid, a method often perceptible in modern fragrances which are called here fruity, sweet and savory "encounters." The Mara des Bois brings its juicy red fruit nuance to the perfume; the sweet accord features a black fig turned into a "white fig" (see White Accords in Perfumery) sculptured with transparent, vegetal nuances and offering an "ethereal sensuality"; the caviar accord is savory, marine, fresh and preserves the signature of the scent. 

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