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About: A Pioneer Perfume Blog est. 2006 for People Into the Nitty-Gritty of Smells & Tastes as seen in The NY Times, Independent, Vogue, Elle...By Chantal-Hélène Wagner... The Scented Salamander was the first perfume blog to creatively establish editorial and conceptual bridges between fine perfume, food, space & visual culture - at a time when critics were positioning fragrance as a purist art object - include indie brands, underline the team-aspect of perfume authorship, as well as offer broad sociological context in a fragrance industry biased towards aspirational luxury and sensuality... I'm a PhD in Anthropology, a former Lavoisier Scholar at Oxford University, who's worked on foodways, identity & death as well as an English literature major now turned perfume blogger & chronicler out of conviction, passion & intellectual curiosity. That's the short of it.

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Perfume Contract for Lady Gaga will not be Fulfilled by Givaudan - Le Contrat Parfum de Lady Gaga est Passé sous le Nez de Givaudan {Fragrance News}

lady_gaga.jpgBloomberg Business Week let us guess that behind the scenes there was intense competition to obtain Lady Gaga's juicy contract for her upcoming perfume this year. Fragrance supplier Givaudan, which ranks as the top company in its field was not retained after all. The scent is developed and marketed by Coty but down the chain they need to work with providers of raw materials as well as perfumers' expertise, resources which are supplied by such organizations. Interestingly, it is Givaudan which was behind a somewhat provocative perfume called Sécrétions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d'Orange which features the kind of notes that Lady Gaga is keen on making her signature ones, such as blood and semen, we were told from early on....


It felt a bit déjà-vu, but on the other hand it might ensure the fact that this family of notes will pass further into the mainstream.

It seems that it is rather a challenge to enduringly maintain taboos in perfumery.

Bloomberg Business Week laisse entendre que la lutte pour obtenir le contrat sans doute on ne peut plus juteux pour développer le parfum de Lady Gaga cette année-ci a été acharnée. En effet la compagnie suisse Givaudan, la première dans le monde dans son domaine qui couvre la fourniture d'ingrédients nécessaires à la fabrication de parfums et de saveurs ainsi que l'expertise de parfumeurs professionnels a été mise hors course. C'est Coty qui s'occupe du développement et de la commercialisation du parfum de Lady Gaga en s'appuyant sur de telles organisations.

Le fait à noter dans ce cas-ci peut-être est que Givaudan est justement derrière un parfum quelque peu provocateur appelé Sécrétions Magnifiques de Etat Libre d'Orange comportant précisément le type de notes que Lady Gaga a envie de voir figurer dans sa fragrance, comme des notes de sang et de sperme, ainsi qu'elle l'avait fait savoir très tôt.

On avait l'impression d'avoir déjà expérimenté ce type de notes expérimentales mais ce projet pourrait avoir le mérite non pas tant d'être révolutionnaire que de faire qu'un plus large public s'habitue à cette famille de notes.

Il semblerait qu'il soit rien moins qu'évident que de faire durer les tabous en parfumerie.


Via Business Week


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