Graphist Artist Creates Real Movie Posters for Fake, Dream Movies {Movie News}

ryan_gosling_walt.jpgFrench marketing artistic director Pascal Witaszek is sending the Internet film crowd into jubilant mode with his collection of imagined movie posters which he started designing on a whim one day during his holidays. He's put together believable film posters with all the requisite information needed to transform them into industry briefs. And that's exactly how people are reacting to them. They now want to watch those non-existent movies, bad. But aren't movies made up of dreams in the first place?....

biopic_saint_laurent.jpgHis selection shows that he likes biopics.

We are showing a poster for Walt, a biopic about Walt Disney - incidentally a native of Normandy, France - starring Ryan Gosling, directed by Ron Howard.

M. Saint Laurent would be one about Yves Saint Laurent with Gaspard Ulliel in the title role under the direction of Anne Fontaine. The poster references the iconic 70s picture of the couturier sitting naked on a pile of cushions, shot by photographer Jean-Loup Sieff.

Perfume fans are familiar with that image and might have worn the perfume which was inspired by it, Nu.

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