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The funnest and most provocative post of the day will probably be this news announcement about a new line of fragrances for men made in Cape Town by Mavericks Revue Bar, a stripper club.

They have released three new perfumes which by the look of them are supposed to encourage stealth cheating and olfactive coverups by disguising husbands' or official squeezes' shenanigans a little like hunters camouflage their body scents in the forest (see Deer Urine post). The fragrances are called Alibis: My car Broke Down, We Were Out Sailing and I Was Working Late. The brand have alread got themselves into hot waters with the local courts due to their advertising campaign...

I-was-working_late_ad.jpgThe billboard for I Was Working Late, for example, has elicited the following statement by ASA,

"While the Directorate accepts that the new billboard is strikingly similar to the original one complained of, there are two distinct and material differences:
1) The model in question is wearing panties, and is no longer “kneeling strategically” in an overtly sexual manner;
2) The billboard clearly states “ALIBIS fragrances for men and women by MAVERICKS”.

The changes brought about by the respondent adequately address (the) issues, as the model is no longer posing in a “sexually provocative” manner, at least not beyond what is often seen in fragrance and lingerie advertising. In addition, the advertising clearly targets both male and female customers, as it presents this product as a “fragrance for men and women”. It can therefore not be said that the respondent is still exploiting the female form for an unrelated product with the aim of pleasing men at her expense.”

Mavericks have been appealing for several of their ads, but not all of them due to costs.

The fragrance notes for the three perfumes reference real world smells, rather than seductive perfumey notes, you know why,

My Car Broke Down’ with the scent of fuel, burnt rubber, grease and steel
‘We Were Out Sailing’ with the scent of fresh ocean spray, sea salt, aqua and cotton rope
‘I Was Working Late’ with the scent of coffee, wool suits, cigarettes and ink

We_were_out_sailing_ad_2.jpgThe whole point is Not to smell like a stripper club,

"The fragrance market is a natural extension for the sexy, sophisticated and upmarket Mavericks brand, and the idea of a range of ‘Alibis’ is one that will undoubtedly generate interest, particularly for gentlemen upon leaving the club."

Via Mavericks


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