Deer Scents by Stony Creek White Tail {Fragrance News}



Well, at least this is news to this townee. I happened on this link and discovered that deer urine was used to produce hunting scents that were successfully marketed to all those who know it's essential for good deer hunting....

I especially liked their selling line: "If you would like to see what the fuss is all about just try our products and you will see for yourself that you will become the hunted..." When I went to check out some of their products it became even more interesting. There are three types of hunting scents: attractants, cover scents to cover human odor, and last, a non-scent so to speak or Odor Nuker to eliminate "game-spooking odors."

Well, I thought this might give some further ideas to perfumer Anya from Anya's Garden who used a tincture based on billy goat hair harvested during the rutting season to create her interesting perfume called Pan.

But back to Buck Enticer, Ultimate Draw, Total Draw and such. Don't you feel like experimenting on yourselves just to see if any humans will notice, in a good way? "Become the hunted..."

You can check for more information about deers, humans, and scents.

Photo is by Jan Tik and was uploaded just today 11/28/2006! 

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