Lorenzo Villoresi Awarded the Prestigious François Coty Prize 2006



Each year since 1999 the prestigious François Coty award is given to a perfumer of particular distinction within its profession. This year the recipient of the award named after the father of modern perfumery, François Coty (1874-1934) is Italian perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi, the creator amongst others of the quintessential powdery perfume, Teint de Neige....

The Coty prize jury explained their choice as one that "...pays homage to a great creator and celebrates through him independent creators who are attempting to preserve the tradition of the great noses of the past". Villoresi who is 50 years old is an independent self-taught perfumer (mostly like Coty himself) who has made his mark at the international level within the past twenty years. Before becoming a nose he was a historian specializing in Oriental religions. Villoresi belongs to an aristocratic family from Florence and is also known as the initiator of the modern bespoke fragrance trend as visitors to his perfume studio in Florence can testify to.

The perfumer declared that "It is a very significant moment for me. I am very moved to receive this prize in Coty's house and in the homeland of perfumery"[...]. This prize is very serious, very prestigious in our profession. It is an honor". Coty who was famous and even infamous for his taste for expensive residences was living most of the time at the Château d'Artigny de Montbazon (Indre-et-Loire) near the city of Tours in France.

Source: FashionMag.fr 


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