Why There Won't be an Isabel Marant Perfume {Fragrance News}

Isabel-Marant-vogue.jpgIsabelle Marant by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Published in Vanity Fair January 2011

It's more like non-news, really, but still worth pondering for those Isabel Marant aficions who might have hoped to see the style of the designer take the shape of a perfume. It won't happen -- never say never though. So let us rephrase that. It won't happen any time soon. Because right now, Isabelle Marant, unlike Bobbi Brown, really, really doesn't care for the idea. She is not even into non-perfumes like the makeup artist who deftly circumnavigates the issue by bringing her taste for smell-derived-perfumes to the fragrance industry table (see Almost Bare review)...

You're only half-surprised when you read Marant's statement because she does look like the kind of natural, non-fussy type who can live without fragrances.

“I have an issue with brands pursuing growth through the development of loads of ancillary products,” she said. “I need to do things with conviction. I’ve been asked 50,000 times to produce a scent, but I don’t like perfume, it’s not something that comes to me naturally. I want to dedicate myself fully to things I truly believe in.”

It sounds pretty hopeless, doesn't it?

Quote via WWD in "Isabel Marant in Expansion Mode"


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