Charlotte Ronson A Perfect Touch (2012): Gee, That Hairspray Smells Terrific! {New Perfume}

Charlotte_Ronson_Perfume.jpgBritish fashion designer Charlotte Ronson received so many positive feedbacks on the functional scent of one of her beauty products, "A Perfect Mess Beach Hair" that she decided that it should become a perfume.

Everyone loved the smell of my styling spray, A Perfect Mess Beach Hair, so I created a roll-on scented oil. The scent is warm and beachy and subtle—perfect to wear every day. I liked it so much I named it Julia, which is my middle name.”...

Sephora lists the perfume as answering the name of A Perfect Touch so it sounds like Ronson called the scent "Julia" just like you give someone you like a pet name, which happens among perfumistas. Yes, perfumes have pet names, just like poodles.

The scent is "inspired by endless beach days that effortlessly melts into skin." Notes are: fresh citrus, blossoming florals, vanilla, and creamy musk. 

Price: $20 for a 0.33 rollerball oil.

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