Avon Naturals Chocolate Ice Cream Scrub {Perfume Shopping Tip} {Bath & Body}

Avon_Chocolate_ice_cream_scrub.jpgIf you tend to accumulate Bath & Body products around your bathroom, well, here 's one more reason to cramp the premises. Avon are offering their Naturals Ice Cream Scrubs / Exfoliants Crèmes Glacées on special, with a 50% discount. They exist in Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla scents. The containers are really meant to evoke comforting, anti-stress memories of kicking back at the park while getting your nose and mouth frosted with homey ice-cream flavors...

The chocolate version has natural Theobroma Cacao extract, on top of the man-made fragrance. In the Vanilla cone, you will find natural Vanilla Planifolia Fruit extract.

The Strawberry one replaces any mention of a natural ingredient - all are listed last on the ingredients list - with "BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII (SHEA) BUTTER", which would smell of shea butter.

Avon_Strawberry_Ice_Cream_Scrub.jpgStrawberry flavor can be naturally replicated with moldy mushrooms, but there have been controversies surrounding this practice in the food arena as customers do not relish the idea of eating a strawberry yoghurt which is faking it, with decay. 

Finally, if you think that smelling of a convincing strawberry flavor is easy, it's not. This website lists the 59 ingredients which are needed to make a strawberry milk-shake feel genuine and tasty: Artificial Strawberry Flavoring.

Current price for the Scrubs: $3,99 for 200 ml.

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