Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Extrait de Parfum (2012) {New Perfume}

Flowerbomb_Extrait_Parfum.jpgViktor & Rolf are no doubt fêting the success of their feminine bestseller Flowerbomb, one of the most ubiquitous sillages to be smelled currently on the streets of Paris - and in movie theaters - with the concentration which is a consecration, the Flowerbomb Extrait de Parfum. This is the most concentrated formula in "jus" the part of the fragrance which gets further diluted in alcohol and water. But it's never just about a mathematical formula as a higher or lower concentration entails a rethink of the composition. Here, the perfumer, like a stonecutter, has chosen to emphasize particular facets that will enhance the qualities of the composition...

A "Parfum" version exists already, so that in the terminology of the brand and of the expression of desirability, "Extrait de Parfum" is made to feel like a a further step in the quintessential distillation of the perfume. Words and perfume work hand in hand to make you swoon, if they can help it.

flowerbomb_extrait_2.jpgThis new version is said to create a new sensation of heightened intensity. It is a parfum which is even more of a parfum if we are to understand the concept correctly. It aims to magnify the qualities of the most exceptional ingredients found in the scent. The patchouli has been overdosed while retaining an "elegant" character, this to work to enhance the "mythical millefleurs side of Flowerbomb". Jasmine Sambac has been called upon to reinforce the sensuality of the fragrance. Rosa Centifolia brings its precious touch to accentuate an "exquisite femininity".

The perfume has now been turned into a "bewitching elixir". Can you feel the Dyonisian principle in your life being called upon?

Price: 251,50€ for 20 ml. This is a limited-edition.

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