Britney Spears Fantasy Twist, a Perfume Twofer for her Fans {Fragrance News} {New Flacon}



Pop singer Britney Spears has come up with the packaging idea of offering a perfume twofer to her fans this fall 2012. She chose two of her bestsellers - Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy - and combined them into one stackable perfume blottle, a perfect sphere adorned with a heart pendant. Translation: happiness bottled. She said,

“With BRITNEY SPEARS™ fantasy twist, I wanted to combine two of my favorite fragrances into a sophisticated bottle, giving my fans the power to choose the scent they desire at any given moment.”...

Britany Spears TWIST Split_2.jpgOf course, the flacon design has psychological implications, "This savvy woman is taking charge of her own future and craves the ability to easily change her mind at a moment’s notice."

About the bottle design,

"Playing off the classic orb shape of the fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS™ and MIDINGHT fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS™ bottles, BRITNEY SPEARS™ fantasy twist utilizes patent-pending friction lock technology to create a one-of-a-kind bottle design, and debuts a spherical combination of two individual but connecting bottles."

Fantasy Twist will be launched from October 2012 around the time Spears' new mission on the X Factor show will be in full swing debuting in September.

Look Magazine already revealed what the newly anointed judge's backstage demands are and these make for an eclectic and colorful laundry list: 6 cases of 24 Diet Coke cans each week; 10 snack size bags of Doritos for her and her team, daily; 12 vases of magnolia blossoms in her dressing room;10 pieces of chicken and 4 pints of potato salad; 34 Hervé Léger dresses and 12 Snicker bars. Otherwise, she cannot function properly. Plaisanterie aside, knowing she has been quite the media fodder in the past, it's reassuring to see that she knows how to cope with uncertainty and stress.

Fantasy Twist will be available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml EDPs for SRPs $39,50, $49,50 and $59,50.

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