DKNY Be Delicious Hearts the World Collection of 4: Rio, Paris, London, New York City (2012) {New Perfumes}

DKNY_Hearts_The_World_2.jpgThe DKNY Be Delicious collection is going to expand this summer from July 2012 with the addition of a new library of scents with a case of Wanderlust called DKNY Hearts the World. It is inspired by some of the most vibrant cities in the world. They are not all there, but there are four of them to start with: NYC, Paris, London and Rio. The new collection is a more democratic extension of the bejewled solid gold incrusted with diamonds Be Delicious Golden flacon by Martin Katz..

According to the Moodie Report, the compositions aim to capture iconic moments in the lives of these capitals of the world: for NYC, it's a stroll taken in Central Park; for Paris, it's the elegance of its avenues and streets which is highlighted; for London, it's "the country-meets-city-scene" vibe; for Rio, it's the sheer energy emanating from its inhabitants and hills.

The NYC version is the same juice as the original bottled in a more picturesque bottle.

DKNY Be Delicious PARIS has notes of jasmine, violet and patchouli, vanilla and Gala apple. Places of inspiration are the jardin du Luxembourg, the quays of the Seine river, Pâtisseries and open-air markets.

DKNY Be Delicious LONDON has notes of hyacinth, green apples, honeysuckle, blackcurrant and English roses, amber, vetiver. Locales which are illustrated are the Costwolds, Trafalgar Square, a promenade on the Thames.

DKNY Be Delicious RIO is lush and tropical with notes of Maracuja fruit, Pink Lady apples, myrrh, benzoin, sandalwood, orange flower, gardenia. It evokes the sea, the beaches and a Samba party.

Via The Moodie Report

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  1. picked up the rio one and quite disappointed....its very woodsy manly fruit...with dry sourness of passion fruit..slight warmth of stuffy sweaty fruit that got covered in the sun at a picnic....summery it is....just a bit boring. not sure on this one..:)

    • I thought you were going to stress that it offers overripe smells, which some people really appreciate, but saying that despite some ripe nuances it smells "boring" is not very exciting, is it?

      Chant Wagner

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