Street Style: Selling Muguet in a Cool Jumper {Fashion Notes}

Muguet_Bonheur_Jumper.jpgMore fashion spillover from Muguet Day in Paris. It's in the morning, a bit cool, and you you will have to stand behind your stand for several hours. So what's a boy to do? Go for a fisherman jumper. Note the palette of blues -- this guy likes blue...

This is a jumper that's meant to be worn close to a naked torso, and it can show it off really well. Nice stylish and functional opening on the side of the collar to allow for extra ventilation whenever needed. The material is both clingy and relaxed, a great combination.

In the end, it's really about how to understand the clothes you're wearing and this guy underlines the "genius" of his garment well. Despite being on a cobblestone street in Paris fronting a stone building, he looks like he could be looking at the waves on a boat.

"Je porte bonheur" means "I bring luck" as lily of the valleys are sold as lucky charms.

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