Street Style: What Gendarmes Wear on May Day in Paris {Fashion Notes}

Gendarmes_May_Day_3.jpgAnother facet of May Day 2012 in Paris: the Communist party demonstrates at the intersection of Boulevard Sant Germain and Boulevard Saint Michel while gendarmes are ready to intervene dressed in full battle gear, yet at the same time they are conversing in a relaxed manner between colleagues. The revolution is not exactly in march despite the sway of the red flags.

Check out after the jump for a close-up on the Mad Max equipment...

Gendarmes_May_Day_Paris_2.jpgRather stylish, no? Shooting the breeze in combat gear. Nothing is going to happen, except for a beautiful day of spring in Paris rolling by.


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  1. Mimi, that's what the French riot police wear EVERY day.

    Froufrou La Negre
    • Yes, of course that's what they wear every day. It's just a way of expressing oneself :) It so happens that I was taking pictures that day and it's also an allusion to the expected demonstrations on that day :)

      Chant Wagner

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