Givenchy Eaudemoiselle Bois de Oud (2012): From Violets to Oud {New Perfume}

eaudemoiselle-de-Givenchy-bois-de-oud.jpgWhile the oud trend is alive and well, with it seems, few surprises in store as the vogue for agarwood expands and becomes more and more mainstream, a note of oud has appeared where you did not expect it, in Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy which now has an oud variation called Eaudemoiselle Bois de Oud...

The composition features notes of Mandarin, Turkish Rose, Orange blossom, Cedar Wood, Olibanum Wood, Ambery Vanilla Accord and Agarwood, all suggesting a thick and rich composition.

The image of the fragrance while suggesting a brooding atmosphere thanks to the Tisci cape which appears in the ad, is also thanks to its name perceived as a fragrance for young demoiselles. It therefore follows that this oud fragrance feels like it is an oud for young women.

The original features a central rose accord which could have been paired in a classical Oriental fashion with oud.

It is literaly amazing to see how popular oud is recalling the violet craze of the 19th century. We are reliving it through the infatuation with a new note. Unbelievable. We need a comparative research on these two cultural olfactive crazes which are more than a century apart.

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