Givenchy Les Créations Coutures Explore Textural Effects (2012) {New Perfumes}

givenchy_creations_couture.jpgIn lieu of the traditional sight of the annual Givenchy Harvest collection, what could be spied on the perfumery shelves this morning were new, dark-looking Givenchy Parfums. The brand have created a collection of perfumes which wishes to pay homage to their couture tradition. The new library of scents housed in smoky brown glass bottles borrowing from the apothecary tradition is called Les Créations Coutures. The 3 women's perfumes bear the subtitle Lace Edition while the 2 men's scents are both dubbed the Leather Edition...

"True to its dual heritage as a major fashion house and historic perfumer, today Givenchy celebrates the most precious of marriages between couture materials and olfactory compositions, in a new collection of fragrances.

Exquisite variations of five iconic House fragrances, all reinterpreted by their creator, the "Les Parfums Couture" collection embodies the quintessence of Givenchy luxury. Exclusive for one season, their compositions are inspired by textural effects and "textile" sensations."

The limited-edition lineup includes Les Créations Coutures Very Irrésistible, Ange ou Démon Le Secret, Organza, Play for Him and Pi. The Very Irrésistible caught our attention, but if we had had to guess the material which inspired it, it would have been velvet rather than lace. The scents offer new, but not disorienting, inflections, like faithful flankers are designed to do.

Available in 60 ml spray bottles.

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