Amazongreen, a New Brazilian Line of Perfumes Exclusively Sourced from the Amazonian Forest (2012) {New Perfumes}

Amazongreen_perfume_bottles.jpgBrazilian entrepreneur Francisco Pontes de Aguiar has launched a new collection of perfumes at Rio + 20 motivated as he is by the ideal of using natural raw resources from the Amazonian rain forest. He  starts anew after 19 years of work in pharmacology.

Developing Amazonian nature-sourced ingredients is the big "trend" in the region and an important ethical commitment for beauty & fragrances companies with a view to the future of the planet. His brand is called Amazongreen offering both cosmetics and perfumes inspired not only by local plants but the spirit which is felt to be prevalent in the lifestyle of Amazonian Indians...

amazongreen_haivi_men.jpgThe lineup of perfumes includes 18 different scents so far, with names like Amandy, Hakuchi, Kaysati, Kurundu, Muru etc, with more to come.

Special care has been paid to the packaging which is visually arresting wrapped tightly as it is in vegetal material sourced from the Morototo tree and developed by company Sebratec; it's a little bit like seeing perfume bottles that would have been rolled in leaves cigar-like for in order to achieve both a visual and tactile effect.

Naïve paintings of Cabocla Indian life are depicted on some of the flacons; the forthcoming perfumes will be in ceramic containers, all stressing an interest in the revival of the myth of the Gentle Savage. A harmonious model of symbiotic relationship between city-dwellers and forest-dwellers is underlined through the production of these scents.

Pontes de Aguiar said,

"Amazongreen is the concretization of a dream. I've always been a student of the market and wanted to promote the image of my region, with high-quality and sophistication as distinguishing trademarks, "

Hakuchi, for instance, is about "the pheromones of animals one can sometimes sense in the forest giving rise to incontrolable sensations and desires of deep involvement."

Haivi Masculino is "an aroma for a bucolic landscape, the calm and serene greenery of the forest. Breathe in the softness of Cabocla life in its moments of meditation."

Amandy "captures wonderfully and truthfully the enchantement of water revealing its exuberance."

Tucuma is a composition around "the fruit of an Amazonian palm tree whose aroma is incredibly exotic, present in the food system of both the people of the cities and the people of the forest thanks to its high nutritiional value. Legend has it that from the fruit of the Tucuma were born both day and night."

More information is available on the collection at

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