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Nicolas Ghesquière, the artistic director of Balenciaga, and actress Kristen Stewart wowed each other. The result is a new feminine collaboration for the image of Parfums Balenciaga after Charlotte Gainsbourg. Stewart is the face of the upcoming Florabotanica which is aimed at younger consumers from age 18, destined to double the brand's profits, according to Catherine Walsh of Coty...

On a more creative level, the perfume takes inspiration from a mix of "nice" and "nasty" flowers part of a 2008 fashion collection of the house. Ghesquière used his 3-D sculptures of flowers which look like print motifs for textile for the advert. Consultant Catherine Walsh commented that the source of inspiration is “not just a pretty flower, but a pretty dangerous flower."

Stewart is not a fragrance literate person. In fact, she does not wear perfume and considers it a "mature" endeavor. She was relieved however to "like" Florabotanica,

"I was never the one wearing my mom’s perfume and trying to be sexy. I was like hanging out with my brothers and doing the opposite of that.

“I’m very lucky that I like the fragrance, because I would have done anything with [Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière],” continued the 22-year-old. “And I’m a terrible liar.

balenciaga_Nicolas_Stewart.jpgThe fragrance was composed by perfumers Olivier Polge and Jean-Christophe Hérault of IFF. The first one is the creator of Balenciaga Paris and Balenciaga Paris L'Essence.

The new perfume features a series of accords described as a vetiver, amber and caladium-leaf accord, and a (hybrid) rose, carnation and mint accord.

To Stewart, the perfume was a good suprise,

“There is something natural about it,” explained Stewart. “It’s very alive. I think that as a young person wearing it — considering that I’ve never worn a scent — it kind of puts you on this level of, like, ‘Whoa, check me out.’ ”

Florabotanica will be available from September 2012.


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