Il Profumo Santal Rouge (2011): Of Sandalwood Tree Berries {New Perfume}



Italian niche brand Il Profumo launched a new fragrance called Santal Rouge (Red Sandawood) in 2011. It won best niche fragrance for men in Italy in 2012. The particularity of this composition is that it integrates the scent of the red berries of the sandalwood tree - and this makes us think of Jersey by Chanel (2011) which is sandalwood-rich and has a berry facet. Also, watch out for Santal Majuscule by Serge Lutens with Christopher Sheldrake, who is a Chanel perfumer...


From the brand's website,

"The intense perfume of Sandal has always kindled the dream of the journey for poets and writers from all over the world. It evokes the nostalgia of long journeys between East and West. Symbol of wealth it was used as a trading currency. Santal Rouge derives from its red berries combined with cortex dust and resinous drops of the trunk. It is declared as a perfume which is very appreciated by women, giving rise to an atavistic olfactory thrill. The result on the male skin is of sensual elegance." 

Notes: Lemon zest from Curaçao, red berries, sandalwood, powder of sandal bark, black carnation from Australia, rosewood, clove. 

It should be noted that red sandalwood or Pterocarpi Lignum is usually described as being odorless although it was thought of as a spice in the Middle Ages. So "red sandalwood" seems to refer more to an olfactory interpretation of the deep and rich red color of that wood, which is traditionally used as a natural dye, or to a very subtle scent.

The reference to sandalwood fruit and its dried cortex would on the other hand point to Australian sandalwood or Santalum Spicatum.

Other perfumes - both by Olivia Giacobetti who is well-known for her ethereal palette even though she creates more robust perfumes - with a note of "red sandalwood" includes:

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