Best of 2011 by Accademia del Profumo, The 2012 Edition {Perfume List}

accademia-del-profumo.jpg(Looking at the picture above, you get a feeling that the men are wearing heavy burkas next to the women)

This list presents the prize-winning perfumes of 2011-2012 in Italy. It's 2011 looked at with a retrospective, informed look set in 2012. We like the fact that this list is diverse. But Armani Code Sport pour Homme as men's best advertisement? No, way! Unless you want to promote the sleazy, greasy aesthetics of a porn film set which was barely evacuated. On the other hand, there is definitely some cajoling of the gay community going on here. So maybe use the word "efficacious" rather than "best" to describe an advertising campaign that hits the mark? That way, we won't be bothered by artistic qualms.

Consumer Vote (40 000 votes in 350 Italian perfumeries and on Facebook)

Best Women's Fragrance of the Year: Valentina by Valentino

Best Men's Fragrance of the Year: Guilty for Men by Gucci

Technical Jury (academy executives, 3 Italian beauty editors and 3 perfumery representatives)

Olfactive Creation

Best Men's Olfactive Creation: DSquared2 Potion for Man

Best Women's Olfactive Creation: Bottega Veneta...


Made in Italy

Best Women's Fragrance Made in Italy; Versace Yellow Diamond

Best Men's Fragrance Made in Italy: Ferragamo Attimo pour Homme

Niche Perfumes

Best Women's Fragrance: Tom Ford Violet Blonde

Best Men's Fragrance: Il Profumo Santal Rouge

Italian Brands (new prize this year)

Best Women's Fragrance: Bottega Veneta

Best Men's Fragrance: Ferragamo Attimo pour Homme

VIP Jury (showbusiness personalities, athletes, artists)

Best Packaging

Best Women's Packaging: Valentina by Valentino

Best Men's Packaging: Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs

Best Press advertisement

Women's: Prada Candy

Men's: Armani Code Sport pour Homme

Best Commercial

Women's: Prada Candy

Men's: Armani Code Sport pour Homme

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  1. Oh Good God - the prada candy ad won best advert??! Who judges this award? That ad was terrible! A tarty looking blonde practically assaulting some hapless young man. It was tasteless and terrible.


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