In Saudi Arabia, Women's Unemployment Will be Fought Off at Perfume & Beauty Counters {Fragrance & Beauty News}

elit_perfume_dubai.jpgThe Labour Ministry of Saudi Arabia are starting to implement a new policy today which will see sales assistant jobs at the perfume and beauty counters be reserved exclusively for women; "Fake women" - one can only make an educated guess as to who they are - will be barred as well...

This heavily gender-biased policy has been designed to counterbalance the fact, for instance, that women make up less than 1% of the labour force in the private sector while 93% of women hold a secondary or university degree.  While the government does not seem to be able so far to think outside of a gender-specialization model which created the problem in the first place, they see the application of a counterbalacing measure as necessary at this point in time when female unemployment is a major national problem.

There are four times more unemployed women than men.

“Women are more familiar with cosmetics than men. They know more of types and colours of skin,” said Masha’al Al Shamari, head of the communication centre at the Saudi labour ministry.

“Women will be dealing with women. They would feel more comfortable than dealing with men, especially when they are buying lingerie,” she told Gulf News, in reference to the six-month-old regulation requiring lingerie shops to hire only women employees.



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