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nicole-richie-fragrance_ok.jpgTabloid fixture, rehab icon, fashion designer, and one who we just learned is also an author, Nicole Richie, will launch her debut perfume this fall from September 2012. The composition is inspired by the scents that her mother wore, which were not necessarily just fine perfumes but rather the scent of coquetry, "a combination of oils and lotions" including perfume.


I have a very traditional Southern mom — you never left the house without lotion,” said Richie during a phone interview with WWD. “Over her lotion went oil and perfume — she was very put together from head to toe. It wasn’t just a one-dimensional smell — there were many different layers.”...

The fragrance was composed by perfumer Steve DeMercado of Fragrance Resources. The bottle was designed in an Art Deco style by Dale Brandon Kan.

The eau de parfum opens on top notes of succulent blackberry and Seville orange before seguing into a heart of golden amber, Moroccan rose, lily of the valley and papyrus finally leaving a trail of sensual cashmere woods, sandalwood, sugared patchouli and vanilla absolute.

"Sugared patchouli" is a first in the descriptives used by perfume brands.

"Eaux de parfum in two sizes, 1.7 oz. for $55 and 3.4 oz. for $69, will be offered, as will a 6.7-oz. body lotion, $35, and a 6.7-oz. bath and shower gel, $28."

More perfumes are in the works for next year, a pillar scent and a summer flanker. Richie sees perfume as a cornerstone of her work as a stylist for an expanding feminine universe,

It’s really about curating a world that I hope women will want to be a part of, and nothing brings that to life like a fragrance.


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