Antonio Banderas Her Secret (2012) {New Perfume} {Celebrity Fragrance}

banderas_her_secret.jpgActor Antonio Banderas has launched his latest perfume, Her Secret, the feminine version of The Secret.

Reading about the classic story line of seduction in Spanish makes it that much more atmospheric and replete with original passion while translated into English, it would not fail to feel like the unemptieth yawn-worthy scenario that sells fragrance: the tale of the secret power of seduction of a woman...

So, we'll leave the ad copy in Spanish as it sounds much better and so as to make it feel less trite to blasé ears,

"Cuenta la leyenda que las mujeres más fascinantes siempre guardan con recelo un secreto: un mágico elixir de seducción transmitido misteriosamente a través de los tiempos. Her Secret, la última fragancia femenina que ha lanzado Antonio Banderas, es la esencia de este misterio, un poderoso secreto de seducción destilado en forma de arrebatadora poción."

Notes are decidedly hot though: cinnamon, chili, vanilla and tuberose.

The fragrance is fronted by Vanessa Saba. In the commercial, Antonio Banderas and Saba play a couple who are irresistibly attracted to each other and in order to joke about Catholic ethos, no responsibility is involved since the man's belt unties itself, as if by the action of the Holy Spirit, but in fact it's of course thanks to the power of perfume,

Banderas has also launched a short film competition to accompany his perfume release "Make it Short" open to the young film-makers of Spain and Latin America. The theme is devoted to capturing the mysteries that surround women.


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