Beauty Q & A with Perfumier Linda Pilkington of Ormonde Jayne {The Perfumista & The Beautista}

Linda_Pilkington_Portrait.jpgWe are delighted to introduce a new series, The Perfumista & The Beautista. It is a column slanted towards beauty yet remaining in the world of perfumes as we ask perfumiers what is their conception of beauty and how they go about their daily, self-attentive regimens. Perfumistas are known to be particularly sensitive and sensual beings. It would be surprising if they did not pay careful attention to the wellness and cosmetic side of the beauty culture at large.

Expect to see Q & As in this series address male conceptions of beauty and query their grooming routines as well.

British perfumier Linda Pilkington of Ormonde Jayne perfumery is our first guest. She would probably not accept any compliments except about personality, but it is hard not to notice that she offers the typical glow of a British-Isles complexion. So, Linda, what are your beauty secrets?...

 TSS - What is your definition of beauty?

Linda Pilkington - When one sees someone who fully understands and who has natural confidence and their own style to carry off their own look which does not necessarily have to be conventional. Beauty does not have to be conventional. Beauty is about knowing and understanding how to make the most of what you have. And also, natural kindness exudes an aura of beauty.

TSS - What is your earliest memory of a beauty gesture?

Linda Pilkington - It was a gift from my mother of a bottle of Madame Rochas in a tall, cut glass bottle with an oversized gold top. The perfume was the colour of cognac and it wasn’t just a beauty gift it was a gift to treasure.

  TSS - Latest promising beauty discovery?

Linda Pilkington - The best beauty discovery in the last few months has been when I cut out refined sugars and upped lipid water intakes; my skin has been fabulous since!

  TSS - Most looking forward to the launch of… ?

Linda Pilkington - The next innovation of OJ, conceived over two years ago and launching this October - A quartet of perfumes called ‘Four Corners of the Earth’

Eve_Lom_Cleanser.jpgTSS - What is your everyday skincare routine?

Linda Pilkington - I am a firm believer of less is more. I cleanse at night time with Eve Lom Cleanser only to rid skin of pollution and everyday dirt, and apply a good quality night cream and eye cream. In the morning, I don’t use anything other than warm water and a flannel, as I don’t think my skin needs cleansing again and I don’t want to strip skin of natural oils. I use a good quality day cream, Chanel Ultra Correction Lift.

TSS - What is your everyday haircare routine?

Linda Pilkington - I have my hair straightened using the Brazilian system. It lasts six months and rids my hair of frizz and madness, so in the morning I can just wash and go. If I am going somewhere smart, I get the large rollers out!

TSS - Favorite bath product?

Linda Pilkington - I am partial to the Sampaquita bathing oil by OJ. I usually bathe every night before bed time. It also scents my bed covers and pillows in the morning!

Bio_Oil.jpgTSS - Favorite body product?

Linda Pilkington - I love Bio oil (from Boots). I used it religiously  throughout both of my pregnancies and didn’t suffer any stretch marks as a result.

TSS - As a perfumier, your negative and positive critiques about scented beauty products?

Linda Pilkington - There are two schools of thought; there is skin care that advertises active nourishing ingredients. A lot of these ingredients carry their own odour and therefore are not ideal for adding a perfume to them. Then there are body products that compliment a perfume. Usually these body lotions and body creams would never make any nourishing claims. At OJ we worked for two years looking for find botanical extracts that held nourishing properties and no odour. Finally, we added sepicam (water lily extract), orchid oil and camellia extract. All these flowers are in keeping with OJ philosophy, carry no odour and have nourishing properties so we have tried to combine the best of two worlds.

TSS - Day look vs. Night look for makeup?

Linda Pilkington
- I favour the natural look during the day but quite often I have launches and parties to go to in the evening when I whip out the red lipstick.

YSL_Rouge_Volupte_Silky_sensual.jpgTSS - Favorite lisptick ?

Linda Pilkington - Favourite lipstick – tends to be from Yves Saint Laurent

TSS - Favorite nail polish ?

Linda Pilkington - Favourite nail polish – all their latest creations

vaseline.jpgTSS - If you had to pick 3 desert-Island beauty essentials, what would they be ?

Linda Pilkington - Stuck on desert island – Big pot on Vaseline for its multi purpose use, good suncream, the biggest bottle of OJ Osmanthus Eau de Parfum to keep her cool and to lift her spirits

TSS - What is the best beauty tip you ever received?

Linda Pilkington - Best beauty tip – not to put moisturiser on her T-zone because there is enough oil there anyway (15 yrs ago)

TSS - Best beauty food?

Linda Pilkington - Green tea, I drink Culpepper – for its numerous positive properties, anti oxidants and it can keep you slim (not sure if that’s true!)

TSS  - A DIY beauty recipe that works?

Linda Pilkington - DIY beauty - rub Vaseline into cuticles on hands and feet and into heels to avoid dry crack look

margot_fonteyn.jpgTSS - Your feminine beauty icons?

Linda Pilkington - Feminine beauty icons – In the blondes – Grace Kelly, in the brunettes Margot Fonteyn
grace_kelly.jpgTSS - Your masculine beauty icons?

Linda Pilkington - Masculine beauty icons – My husband, he’s a good looking, kind hearted man

TSS - Your personal beauty motto?

Linda Pilkington - Personal beauty motto - Keep it simple

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