Nina Ricci Mademoiselle Ricci, a New Perfume of Rom-Com (2012) {New Fragrance}




Mademoiselle Ricci is the latest launch from Nina Ricci, to take place in August 2012.

The fragrance is said to be dedicated to women who call themselves "Mademoiselle" like young women do usually, but also actresses, like Catherine Deneuve, fashion designers, like Mademoiselle Chanel, women of talent who stand by their sense of independence. The name comes also from the eponymous 60s Nina Ricci fashion collection which launched then in the United-States. The composition is "an ode to modern romance" signed by master perfumer Alberto Morillas...


A woman, a man,

A declaration of love

Mademoiselle Ricci

A pink bouquet

A perfume of love


An ode to modern romance

A romantic comedy

Signed Nina Ricci


Mademoiselle_Ricci_film_OK.jpgA preview of the short film by Johan Renck

The perfume is primarily destined to young women seeming to be the French counterpart to Valentina by Valentino as the ideal-type of Mlle Ricci is similarly described as being from a distinguished family and to be playfully unconventional. She is interpreted by Tati Cotliar together with James Rousseau. The short film is directed by Johan Renck.

The action takes place in a deserted, romantic Paris by night where the two lovers breathlessly cross the city and finally embrace on a scintillating Eiffel-Tower background to reveal the blissful mother of all rom-com endings: a marriage proposal with a daintily boxed ring in the City of Lights (remember Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?)

As part of the advertising campaign, five personalities from show-business have been invited to tell about the day they made their declarations of love, the day they were swept off their feet, with Pauline Jacquard, Doria Tillier, Priscilla de La Forcade, Zoé Le Ber et Jeanne Damas. This recalls the ad campaign for Parlez-Moi d'Amour Eau Fraîche by John Galliano.

The fragrance itself is offered as a pink woody floral which is said to be both sensual and luminous. The precious Rosa Centifolia from Grasse illustrates the chic side of Mademoiselle Ricci; Dog-Rose is here to represent her wild side; the powdery spicy accents of Pink Laurel are carnal and carry the intensity of the fragrance; Pink Peppercorn illustrates the piquancy of Mademoiselle Ricci.

Eau de Parfum 80, 50 and 30 ml.

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