Cher Lloyd Pink Diamond (2012) {New Perfume} {Celebrity Fragrance}


British pop singer Cher Lloyd, who became known through the X Factor and the support of Cheryl Cole (uncanny resemblance), just released her debut perfume called Pink Diamond.

If you're thinking that it looks a bit like the bottle of Lady Million by Paco Rabanne inadvertently fell into a vat of fuschia pink nail polish, you are thinking what I am thinking. The diamond symbolism however is here for a good reason, none of it having to do with crass greed or an ironical take on crass greed, on the contrary,

"Cher has always wanted to release a fragrance which embodies her unique personality.

The diamond is used as an iconic symbol for all of us to remember that no matter what others may say, we are all special."... 

If you have to ask yourself questions like: Who is she? What kind of music does she make? You can fortunatley turn to You Tube or Vevo which usually have the answer like with this song "With Ur Love" with Mike Posner, 

The fruity-floral perfume iself - a genre popular with the target age group  - has notes of white chocolate, kiwi, vanilla pods, jasmine petals, golden quince and orchid. 

The Eau de Toilette launched to huge popular success at the Fragrance Shop where sales have soared by 500% of the initial estimates. A 30 ml bottle is priced at £15 making it hard to resist for the singer's fan base which is said to be most enthusiastic and eager to buy the scent around the place the songstress originates from, i.e., in the areas of Worcester, Gloucester and Cheltenham. 

Via Daily Mail


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