Azzaro pour Homme Night Time (2012): Underneath the Elegant Demeanor, a Caveman {New Perfume} {Men's Cologne} {Fragrance Images & Ads}


Azzaro are offering a "new olfactory expression" of the classic 70s men's fragrance and contemporary masculine bestseller, Azzaro pour Homme this fall of 2012 with Azzaro pour Homme Night Time. The composition is co-signed by perfumers Christophe Raynaud and Michel Girard of Givaudan. It is described as a green woody fougère...

The Eau de Toilette rests upon three main "facets". There is first "an irresistible light", a sensation conveyed by bitter orange nuanced by rhubarb then followed by "a concentrate of seductiveness" which prolongs the freshness and lightness into a masculine fougère accord with added spicy notes of black pepper and nutmeg. Finally, the "nocturnal elegance" of the scent is expressed thanks to vetiver and cedar wood. 

Enrique Iglesias continues to be the face of the fragrance since 2009. Steven Klein shot the ad campaign which shows Iglesias in a sleek dinner jacket yet exhibiting at the same time discreet, subliminal signals about primitive values. The woman that Azzaro pour Homme showcases in their ads has come to form a recognizable visual template. She is doing her best to impersonate something akin to a beast skin thrown casually onto a caveman shoulder or the stereotypical female of an archaic era dragged by her hair into the caveman's lair. Her face is always hidden.

A flattering mirror is offered to the man who will wear the new Azzaro cologne, playing on his instinct of competition.

"The man who wears Azzaro pour Homme Night Time is darkly handsome and relaxed in his dinner jacket, he is the most desired man of the night. 

His confidence is instantly felt, his eyes captivate and his aura is ablaze. Easily spotted in a crowded room, he radiates a confident virility that has a magnetic attraction for women, almost in spite of himself. And that is exactly what makes him so irresistible."


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