Hanae Mori HiM (2012): Virility for Him & Also Her {New Perfume} {Men's Cologne}


Hanae Mori Parfums wanted to satisfy their masculine client base further and reward their loyalty to unisex scent HM (1998) with a dedicated men's composition which they have called HiM. The juice attempts to capture that elusive quality, real masculinity, and wants to translate it into olfactory form. Quoted in WWDThomas Saujet, the president of fragrance licensing at International Cosmetics and Perfumes, Inc (ICP) said,

“We wanted to do a real men’s scent — a rugged, edgy, spicy, woodsy, modern fragrance,” “Everyone [who’s smelled it] thinks we have a slam dunk.”... 

The brand goes all out on the description of the fragrance in the ad copy posted on their fragrance site managing to stress its shared unisex appeal via the detour of the workings of seduction and in the midst of masculine showmanship,

"Hanae Mori Parfums introduces you to HiM, the proud result of more than a decade of sculpting, refining and finishing the best ingredients demanded by man.  Meet HiM and find a masculine blend hand carved from nature to please him and her.  Own HiM and know a well constructed scent that fits a man like a tailored blazer or his best cut blue jeans.  Be HiM and live the Hanae Mori Parfums proverb: “Fragrance accomplishes in moments what conversation achieves in hours.”

Top note: The noble head is formed by five by cultivated essences.  Oils of bergamot and mandarin oranges bring vitality.  Grey pepper ground by hand creates wisdom.  Leaves of the violet plant provide stamina.  Seeds from the secret chambers of the cardamom plant lend aromatic mystery.

Middle note: The impressive core is chiseled in three parts.  Bark of the cinnamon tree brings power.  Wood of the Mediterranean fig is enticement.  Essence of the Tonka bean adds magnetism.

Base note: The rugged base of HiM is built in five parts.  Teak wood brings endurance and longevity.  White cedar provides comfort in warm and cool climes.  Fir balsam provides a spirit of adventure.  Musk and amber are intimacy and romance."

Hanae Mori HiM is available in both Eau de Parfum ($75 and $95) and Eau de Toilette ($50 and $70) in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles. 

A grooming line for men is also planned for fall 2013, as well as reportedly a "whole new" women's perfume. 


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