2 Video Clips for Fame by Lady Gaga Signed Steven Klein {Perfume Images & Ads}

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If you haven't experienced the perfume yet, you can try to imagine it thanks to the visual extravaganza deployed around Fame by Lady Gaga "The first ever black eau de parfum" signed by photographer and video clip director Steven Klein who worked with Madonna before.

Lady Gaga is seen nearly drowning in precious caviar, shiny egg yolks - remember her egg capsule -decadence, lust and as remarked previously, oil. You recognize Klein's highly staged touch and taste for drama. The caviar theme was used in the past for by Klein for a Vogue photo shoot illustrating the seven cardinal sins in a picture entitled "La gourmandise" (Greed) featuring model Lara Stone. Going further than contemporary references, one can feel that there is an air of German expressionism about the whole affair which makes you think of Murnau...


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