Peoneve by Penhaligon's Pastiches Advice Literature {Perfume Images & Ads}


The London Games may be over - except for the Paralympics to start on August 29 - but here is another opportunity to take in some British humor after the strong parade of witty to soulful British pop music yesterday night during the closing ceremony.

Penhaligon's are advising ladies on how to best choose a suitable match in the style of Edwardian advice literature in A Lady's Guide to Wearing Peoneve: a public information film. If only perfumes could be made with humor, one which would be felt by just smelling it, British perfumery would have a headstart in that prospective area. In fact, fragrances can sometimes make you laugh when you've gotten used to their invisible language, but the effect is not widely exploited...

The short animated film was created by ad agency DHM, the brand's go-to agency. You can also watch the short which was released for Sartorial.

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