Lorenzo Villoresi Mare Nostrum Aura Maris (2012) {New Perfume}


Florentine pefumer and connoisseur of mythology and heroic tales Lorenzo Villoresi, a recipient of the prestigious François Coty prize, is launching a new collection and a new composition this fall of 2012 called Mare Nostrum, with Aura Maris as the first scent to come out in the series...

 As the name indicates, it is a perfume beloging to the genre of the marine fragrances. Aura Maris is inspired by the scents carried by the sea breeze. The sea is seen as the medium which reveals the destinies of both men and heroes.

The Mediterranean trees, agrumes, salt, the golden sheen of the sun on the ocean waves anchor the composition both olfactorily and visually. 

Top notes are fresh, green notes of bergamot and mandarin nuanced by light fruity-floral touches. In the heart, we find fresh floral notes with touches of aromatic woods, with narcissus, jasmine and patchouli. In the base, there are again fresh floral notes with citruses this time and light ambery, musky and woodsy nuances. 

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