Ineke Perfumes Hothouse Flower (2012) {New Perfume}



San Francisco-based niche brand Ineke Perfumes have now launched their new perfume this fall of 2012 entitled Hothouse Flower, a gardenia soliflore. They had made a previous early annoucement.The tag line for the fragrance is "a hothouse elegance wrought from an overindulgence of gardenia"... 

 "Ineke spent many months researching the scent of gardenias in hothouses, outdoors and at florists, culminating in the creation of a perfect, natural gardenia scent."  

The eau de parfum opens with an Earl Grey tea note, which would include bergamot.  It is said to be "particularly green and aromatic" thanks to notes of galbanum, fig, cypress, absinthe and frankincense.  Other secondary notes include guaiacwood and cornsilk, the latter being an example of where a perfumer puts her or his nose in order to seek less traditional accords, i.e., in the little olfactory epiphanies of everyday life.
A Hothouse Flower represents the letter H in the alphabetical collection created by perfumer Ineke Rühland in 2006. It follows After My Own Heart, Balmy Days & Sundays, Chemical Bonding, Derring-Do, Evening Edged in Gold, Field Notes from Paris and Gilded Lily. 
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