Scented Quote of the Day, From Karl Lagerfeld:


Designer Karl Lagerfeld is well-known for his outspokeness and oftentimes controversial views...on just about anything under the sun. Here is his latest take on perfume and his adoptive country.

It stinks in France, sort of, except for, among a few other things, the perfume industry in France...


"France is not competitive, except when it comes to fashion, jewelry, perfumes and wine. All the other kinds of products do not sell. Who ever buys French cars? Not me." (Our translation) 



"En dehors de la mode, des bijoux, des parfums et du vin, la France n'est pas compétitive. Le reste des produits ne se vendent pas. Qui achète des voitures françaises ? Pas moi"


Quote from Karl Lagerfeld traite François Hollande "d'imbécile" in Le Monde. It's excerpted from an interview with Spanish newspaper site El Mundo. 
Image via Madame Figaro

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