Documentary on the House of Lubin on Franco-German TV Channel Arte, December 22, 2012 {Perfume Images & Ads}


TV channel Arte will feature a documentary on the house of Lubin entitled Secrets de Parfumeurs by Maja Dielhenn on December 22, 2012 at 8 pm. The film follows the creation of a perfume inspired by the myths of Mesopotamia by independent perfumer Delphine Thierry... 

Other creative actors showcased are artistic director and repriser of the house, Gilles Thévenin, a former Guerlain director of creation, as well as perfumer Thomas Fontaine who is now also the overseeing nose for brands such as Patou and Agent Provocateur.

According to the Lubin press release, the film focuses on the contrasted portrayal of two noses with very different approaches to the art of perfumery, Delphine Thierry and Thomas Fontaine. If the veil is lifted on the secrets of these perfumers, we are told, it remains only partially lifted.

The 43 mn documentary's main aim is reportedly to show how a niche perfume house functions far from the marketing strategies of big fragrance groups and trends. 

More info in French here

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