Scented Quote of the Day, From Maurice Boucher:


We found the following poem by Maurice Boucher as quoted by perfumer Constantin Weriguine for its evocation of what is euphemistically called the "Odore di femmina" and the affinities of that natural feminine aroma to amber. It stands as an erotico-olfactive poem of sorts. The French original is after our own translation...


Flat Fee Love

Suddenly, the light music

Of a presto and mischievous foot 

And the froufrou of a silk dress told our fool

That his angel was getting closer. The door of the room

half-opened, upon which a discreet perfume of amber

circulated in the room; in it mingled also

A very weak scent of violet, as well as

A memory of the fields

And then, that hard-to-pin-down

Precious aroma that a woman carries on with her."


Amour à forfait

"Brusquement, la musique légère

D’un petit pied mutin et presto, et le frou frou

D’une robe de soie apprit à notre fou

Que son ange approchait. La Porte de la chambre

S'entrouvrit et voila qu'un discret parfum d'ambre

Circula dans la pièce; it s’y mêlait aussi

Une très faible odeur de violette, ainsi

Qu'un souvenir des champs, et puis je ne sais quelle 

Fine senteur que la femme porte avec elle".

As quoted in "Extraits à note ambrée" by Constantin Weriguine.  

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