New Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier is Signed by Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian (2013) {New Perfume}


While in the field of beauty, it is much more common to exchange tips on hidden gems tucked away on busy pharmacy shelves, you do less often witness excited conversations about the latest_______X please fill out with the name of one of your favorite perfumers, when it comes to fragrances sold in pharmacies...

The upcoming Fleur de Figuier is not by Maison Francis Kurkdjian, but it is definitely by the perfumer at the helm of it, Francis Kurkdjian. This type of endeavors shows the versatility of perfumers, their ability to adapt to different types of requests. The budget and the aim won't be the same, but the nose behind the fragrance will be.


Fleur de Figuier by Roger et Gallet, best known perhaps for their eau de cologne by Farina and more recently for their new best-seller Bois d'Orange, is said to be a milky fig composition. Other notes include mandarin, grapefruit, spices, cedar wood and musk.

Launch is slated from March 2013.

Prices: 19€ for 30 ml and 40,50€ for 100 ml for the eau de toilette. Ancillary products are meant to accompany you 360 degrees, a concept dear to Maison Francis Kurkdjian who relish functional fragrances.


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