Paco Rabanne Amps Up Heat with 1 Million Intense & Dree Hemingway - Interview with Matt Gordon (2013) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}


To make sure that you will want to smell the new version of 1 Million, 1 Million Intense by Paco Rabanne, little has been left to chance. Dree Hemingway has been asked to strip naked for her famous alter ego incarnated by Matt Gordon in an ad movie inspired by the 7th Art, and more particularly by The Thomas Crown Affair and Goldfinger...

Nathaniel Goldberg shot the movie commercial. To him what is key about the universe of 1 Million is the notion of "extravagance." Future installments about the perfume story ought to contain that theme. 


The naked lady imagery is always popular. You'll be able to fantisize on her gold dip and saucy innuendos. The snapping of fingers theme has been reinterpreted to be turned into the beat for a "politically incorrect" strip-tease. Oops, we didn't know there were any political consciousness lying in strip-tease.


The fragrance opens on top notes of blood orange, cardamom, black pepper and saffron followed by a heart of rose absolute, cinnamon and neroli before lingering on with a base of blond leather, iris butter, patchouli and sandalwood. 







Interview with Matt Gordon, Mr. 1 Million


 Who is 1 MILLION?

The character of 1 MILLION is a playboy who snaps his fingers and gets all of his desires and dreams. They come true.

You embody 1 MILLION since 2008. What does that represent for you?

Success, definitely. Achieving a small dream of my own. Getting to a place in the industry where you work with the top people, and you have many talents. It is a good feeling, for sure.

Dree Hemingway : best friend or best enemy ?

Best friend! Dree is really cool. We play at fight sometimes, just to keep it fresh. I would not want to get stuck in the ring with Dree! It would be a real sparring match. She is a tough girl. I would be scared of Dree, but we get along. Thankfully.

What are your best memories of this campaign?

Best memories? Working with an amazing team. I think Paco Rabanne, 1 MILLION has been a dream job; it has been something that I could not dream of doing. It has been a ball.

Then probably, getting recognized in the streets, which was a bit strange. After the first campaign was out, I was walking in the street with my friends and this short Italian girl – I don’t think she realized how tall I was – she looked up and she came back with her mom, and said “can I have a picture, can I have a picture?” That was pretty surreal actually, and I was impressed that she recognized me.

What is special about this new campaign?

I don’t know if it is specific to this campaign but all the campaigns in general. It is a collaboration of a bunch of really talented people, putting in long hours and hard work, and you see the finished product at the end of the day which is crisp and glamorous. They are the ones behind the scenes, the makeup, the hair, the photographer, and the assistants, everyone who makes this fantasy come true.

What could be the next chapter of the MILLION saga?

Well, there is a sparring back and forth between me and Dree. I am the player, I get everything and she is coming right back at me with a strong equivalent snap. In this one you see Dree gold naked, so in the next one it might be me gold naked.

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