What Does Marni Perfume Smell Of, Tell Us a Bit More? {The 5th Sense in the News}


Marni are expected to launch their debut perfume Marni EDP from February 2013. They sat down with Style.com to discuss the creative process around the fragrance. In spite of their love of bold design and sometimes eye-popping colors, the perfume aims for a decidedly unsweetened version of their fashion style...

Expect to smell a black rose accord in Marni eau de parfum.

 "What was that process like? 

My mother doesn’t like sweet fragrances, so more in the direction of incense, wood—something spicy. The idea was to have more of a masculine fragrance, but with a touch of femininity. So we decided to use the black rose, which is, yes, a flower, but not too sweet or girly of a flower. So the first part of the process was to smell all the raw materials, then we selected what was “yes” and what was “no.” Then we went through many, many trials.

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