Paris Quay: Harmony of Greens, Blues & Grays {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}


And now we invite you to a moment of Sunday contemplation. Paris has inspired so many souls to live a better life thanks to its beauty. Not far from this spot which caught our eye thanks to its palette of blue-greens dipped in misty gray - the quintessential color of the city - Jacques Guerlain was famously struck by the poetry of the moment and the place during the magical Blue Hour. He thus created the magnificently moody and dreamy L'Heure Bleue in 1912...

When you go back to those places which inspired art, and perfume in particular, you have a chance of not just wearing a perfume to suit your own moods, but understanding better the context in which it was created. 

In this area near Notre-Dame, you can feel how Paris gets its reputation for being the most romantic city in the world. 

Jacques Guerlain would have leaned onto one of the stony ledges, looked up to Notre-Dame, heard the lapping of the water, taken in the softness of the moment. 

Paris is romantic because of its Eros and Thanatos dimension: you know that after you are long gone, Paris will still be standing, eternal, tranquil. This long-history quality is what gives it its deep emotive charm. It allies lightness and a sense of eternity. 

There is, like this, always a metaphysical quietness which one can perceive in the midst of the bustling, animated city life, which makes up that special quality of living here. 

In this area, going down the stairs and walking along the quay is a moment of weightlessness in time. The rumour of the city dies down to give way to the sound of water. 

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