Yves Rocher Flower Party by Night (2013) {New Perfume}


Yves Rocher are revisiting their Flower Party fragrance (2010) with a nocturnal twist called Flower Party by Night. The main ingredient which carries the change is black licorice. The composition is signed by perfumer Philippe Romano of Drom...

The composition is said to go in a gourmand, fruity-floral direction with notes of "ultra-addictive licorice", bitter almond and vanilla. 

The accent was put on sourcing qualitative ingredients: steam distilled essential oil of bitter almond harvested from wild trees in North Africa; the licorice accord is partly based on star anise from China; the vanilla is absolue bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

Lolita Lempicka edp is a reference in the field of mainstream licorice-based perfumes, so you can wonder how the thought process went for this new version. 

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