United Scents of America Massachusetts (2013): Scent of a Rustic Autumn {New Perfume}



We truly wished we could be at the launch party taking place on February 21st, 2013 in the North End in Boston, alas, it won't be. Nostalgia beckons however. The good news is that if you can't be there, you can smell of it.

Label United Scents of America, which focuses on capturing the special olfactory memories of definite places in the United States, are introducing their latest offspring, Massachusetts...

Each of the perfumes of the brand, which is based in Hoboken, New Jersey, is inspired by a different state, with New Jersey, New York, California, Texas and Florida already lined up and Hawaï set to launch together with Massachusetts. 

Massachusetts is said to be the first truly masculine fragrance of the lot. It was created like the other compositions by relying on focus groups as co-founders Sasha Bertran and Samantha Sherwin prefer to tap into the collective consciousness rather than rhapsodize by themselves about their own memories of a given place. On their website, they state,

"Our goal became to make our scents personal to the customer, not ourselves, and to remind people of where they come from. We hope our fragrances will bring people back to fond childhood memories, favorite vacations or any time in their life that they can associate to a special place.  We hope it inspires people to travel within the United States to places they have always dreamed of visiting."

The atmosphere chosen for Mass is that of a "rustic autumn", and to that we say good call. Fall is truly wonderful in New England, and Massachusetts in particular, evoking memories of apple picking, freshly pressed cider, pumpkin patches and pies, smoky wood, and very crisp, cool autumn air. For the brand, the result features notes of tart cranberry, bergamot, sage, red oak, and tobacco leaf. 

Price: $58. Available at shopunitedscents.com

Via Boston.com

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