Escada Cherry in the Air (2013) {New Perfume}


Escada's annual spring-summer limited-edition is called Cherry in the Air this year following up on Taj Sunset in 2011, which was reportedly a big hit, and a trio of re-issues in 2012. The series started in 1993 with Chiffon Sorbet...

Cherry in the Air is a fruity gourmand with notes of black cherry, marshmallow and sandalwood.

It is, according to the commercial copy, "an irresistible scent inspired by the unmistakable, fresh and sweet scent of blossoming cherries. As the first fruit of summer, a glimpse of cherries ripening in the trees instantly awakens the delightful anticipation of long, warm, carefree days ahead. So colourful and delicious, their enticing aroma stimulates the senses, conjuring youthful daydreams of cycling with friends through the orchards of southern France and feasting on a fruit-laden picnic basket under a canopy of bountiful cherry trees. Escada Cherry in the Air features a captivating blend of succulent red fruits and addictive gourmand notes that ignite your zest for life and trigger the same joyful contemplation of fun-filled summers as flourishing cherries." 

Procter & Gamble present it as being quintessentially well researched so as to be bound to be a hit with consumers,"...elements are all designed to present an enticing optimism and playful, happy mood not always present in the crisis-ridden current day. “We’re Proctor & Gamble, so we test a lot with consumers before we actually launch,” laughed Feola [P&G Prestige global vice president Luigi Feola]. “We’re very confident about the impact that this can have.” 

Top Note: Black Cherry, Raspberry, Mandarin

Heart Note: Marshmallow, Gardenia Petals, Coconut Orchid

Base Note: Sandalwood, Suede Accord, Oakwood

"Suggested pricing for the eau de toilette is as follows: 30 ml. for 39 euros, or $52.74; 50 ml. for 55 euros, or $74.37, and 100 ml. for 69 euros, or $89.25. A 150-ml. body lotion is priced at 23 euros, or $31.10. All dollar figures are calculated at current exchange."
Via WWD; Ulta 

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