10 Perfumes Inspire a Rorschach Test of Smells {Fragrant Reading}


Beauty editors at New York Magazine devised impromptu what they call "a Rorschach test of smells", which they submitted to a group of male colleagues working in the media industry...

Then after jotting down their impressions and phrases they turned to illustrator Alejandro Cardenas to make those spontaneous visuals more tangible on paper and in color. Discrepancies between the official intent behind the perfume and its reception are sometimes quite remarkable as for Surprise by Heidi Klum 

Pétale Noir by Agent Provocateur conjured up the type of "the free spirit with a silver spoon" showed above: "She comes from money and can't be burdened by kids or pets. I envision her standing on a beach, barefoot and drinking a smoothie."

See the rest of the very fun article at 10 Types of Women to Wear Spring's New Perfumes

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