Zara Chypre Floral {Perfumista on a Shoestring}


We spied and tested the "new" fragrance by Zara called Chypre Floral. What it actually smells like, ahem, is like a faithful copy of Narciso Rodriguez for Her {See review of its flanker Iridescent}... 

Zara churn out "new" perfumes in perfect keeping with the rhythm of their Fast Fashion concept. We estimate there were akin to 20 different offerings. Their compositions can feel soupy at times, with a few scents worth considering as cheap thrill replacements or alternatively "dating scents" which are really operating like musk oils with the façade most of the time of a stereotypical composition.

Chypre Floral by Zara might be worth considering if you're on a budget and wouldn't mind a slightly drier Narciso Rodriguez for Her, something placed in between it and Agent Provocateur

They carry it in 15 ml purse spray and 30 ml bottle so the sizes are practical and customer-friendly. They want to make your life easier! They deserve some brownie points for that. Copying is not outlawed in the perfume industry so nobody is going to sue them for plagiarism. 

The perfume smells good in the bottle, sophisticated like a chypre ought to smell. We did not spray onto the skin but it should have been professionally made.

As usual, it's nearly impossible to find pictures of Zara perfumes as they are meant to play the musical chairs. So, instead we decided to hang up there a Zara floral t-shirt, one of the only images that came up when we searched for the perfume on their site. 

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