Sephora Fait Avec Amour Lilas Bleu ~ Made with Love Blue Lilac (2015) {New Perfume} {Perfumista on a Shoestring}

sephora_made_with_love.jpg Sephora have launched a new eau de toilette under their own brand called Made with Love - Blue Lilac and Fait avec Amour Lilas Bleu...

This is a limited-edition perfume out for Valentine's Day 2015, with a specially decorated bottle for the occasion. It is "an eau de toilette to perfume one's skin all day long".

The lilac soliflore is said to be delicately fragranced with lilac extract, which is a fairly unconventional choice to express love in scented form around February the 14th nowadays. Roses and peonies are much more the go-to florals during that period of the year.

This appears to be a France exclusive. Sephora have occasionally introduced fine perfumes for that market, to supplement their bath and body line.

The 28 ml bottle is priced at 11,95€.

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